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Toronto: A six-year-old boy has won the life of his baby sister by replacing 90 stitches on his face and a smile on his lips. Six-year-old Bridger, who saved his sister from a dog attack, is now being praised around the world. The whole world came to know about the baby ‘s brotherly love and the life-saving rescue operation through a post shared by Bridge’s aunt Nicole. Babies are the ones who fight even for baby candy. But if the eye of one of them fills up, the whole sweetness will be replaced. That is the mind of children. Here our Bridger risked his own life for his sister. Bridger got there when he saw the dog preparing to attack his sister.

He grabbed her from the side of the dog and pulled her back with one hand. At this point the dog bit and injured Bridger’s face. The thought that if a person dies, it should happen automatically is what motivated him to do so. With the help of a good plastic surgeon, they put 90 stitches on the baby’s face and made him look old. Resting at home he knows he can’t smile like he used to. But he will get that laugh back one day. “We all love that superhero,” Nicole wrote in her post. Nicole shared an old picture of Bridger and a post-surgery picture.

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