Higher fine for facial mask refusal on Transavia flight Inland


The incident happened on June 24 on a flight between Las Palmas and Amsterdam. The passenger who lives in Rome was asked several times by the cabin crew to cover his mouth and nose. But the transverse Transavia passenger didn’t like that. “You don’t stick to five feet,” he sneered. “So neither do I.”

‘Suspect had a confused story’

Only after landing did he follow the instructions. The prosecutor found that the suspect had only a confused story. Earlier he complained that the plane was too full. “Then I assume that he is concerned about his health and a mask is just a means to protect his health. I cannot follow his reasoning, ”said the officer, who demanded 300 euros.

The police judge on Thursday afternoon in the Schiphol Court made short work of the masked hoodie refuser who had not turned up.

“These are uncertain times. Health is a great asset, ”he began his speech. “If everyone tries their best to arm themselves against invisible viruses, knowing the consequences, then I blame the suspect for this.”

‘You disagree, you do at home’

Therefore, the fine was higher than the requirement: 500 euros, of which 200 were conditional. “When you are on an airplane, you have to do what is said. That you disagree, fine. Then you do that at home. But not on the plane, ”said the police judge.

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