Had a Chat with “Sultan Jember”, Regent: I Know the Rich Generous People Page all


KOMPAS.com – Jember Regent Faida had a chance to meet with a married couple who claimed they would contribute IDR 16 billion to PMI Jember.

It is known that Faida attended the symbolic handover of aid “Sultan Jember” to PMI Jember during PMI’s National Dialogue in December 2019.

Faida said, the couple never referred to themselves as sultans, but were rich benefactors who wanted to support East Java PMI and Jember PMI.

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The nickname “Sultan Jember” only came to his attention when the viral upload of singer Ashanty who called almost fooled the couple.

“He did not mention the sultan of Jember, there was never that term. I know that term after being busy called Mas Anang and Ashanty. He knows that generous rich people who want to support East Java PMI, and added to Jember PMI,” Faida said. Surya, Monday (7/20/2020).

Faida was happy to hear that there are people who want to contribute to humanity.

However, after the activity was completed, the promised contribution never materialized.

“Yes, I think it is okay, I am grateful. It turns out that assistance has not been realized until now,” he said.

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Reported earlier, the case was revealed to have originated from Ashanty’s uploads who said they were almost deceived by the couple whom he dubbed “Sultan Jember”.

The couple who was later known to have the initials HW and RHN allegedly wanted to cheat Ashanty related to the purchase of a house in the Cinere region.

Ashanty recounted her experience on social media and soon became viral.

“I was really shocked, I hope you guys who see them can be aware, because there are many more who are looking for them too, but run away .. Thank God we are still thankful for not giving anything,” Ashanty wrote on her Instagram account.

After Ashanty’s upload was crowded, then a statement from the Jember PMI appeared that had also been deceived by the couple “Sultan Jember”.

The couple said they would make a donation of Rp 16 billion.

“Until now, the funding assistance has been false,” said Jember PMI Chairman Zaenal Marzuki in a statement received on Saturday (07/18/2020).

This article has been aired on surya.co.id with the title: Video of the Regent of Faida The Story of ‘The Sultan of Jember’ who Wants to Deceive Ashanty and Ngeprank PMI Jember

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