Gowriamma passes away in Madras karikkan villa mur


Gowriamma (98) died at Kudiriketku hill in Manazadi, which caused the infamous murder of Thiruvalla. They were found dead at the residence of their granddaughter Minnie at 4 pm.

The Karikan Villa murder on October 6, 1980 is a fond memory of the Mendalakkara village. KC George (63) and his wife Rachel (Kunjamma, 56) were killed in Karikkan villa near Meendalakkara temple. The couple, who had been living in Kuwait for a long time, had no contact with the outside world. Gauri returned home this morning and found George and Rachel dead.

Both were stabbed. The knife stuck to Rachel’s stomach. There were 4 cups of tea on the table. When Gowri was questioned by police, Gauri confessed that when she started going to work late at night, 4 people were in her car and Rachel told them to make tea. It was Rachel who brought the tea.

Gauri revealed that Rachel had told her that she was coming to Madras. This statement was the basis for the Carrickville murder case. Renee George, a relative of George who was killed and a native of Karukachal, was studying in Chennai. The accused were identified as Hassan Ghulam Mohammed from Mauritius, Gunasekharan from Malaysia and Kiblo Daniel from Kenya.

Renee and Hassan were first arrested by the police. I got Gunasekharan the next day. Trying to escape, Kiblo surrenders. They were aeronautical engineering students in Chennai. On January 1, 1982, the Kottayam Sessions Court sentenced the accused to life imprisonment. On March 21, 1983, the High Court upheld the verdict. Renee, Gunasekharan and Mohammed resided in Poojappura Jail.

Kiblo, a Kenyan, was taken to Tihar Jail. The prison was completed in June 1995. By August, Ghulam Muhammad, Gunasekharan and Kiblo had returned home. They were sent to the Thiruvalla police station. SP Gopinath, CI AK Achari, and SI Abdul Karim, who was behind the probe, disappeared inside the house.

The main accused, Renee George, had already repented while in prison. He was an evangelist during his time on parole. Renee spent 14 years and 9 months in prison. He was a keynote speaker at evangelistic meetings. He is in charge of the movement that provides protection for the children of prisoners. Raga Movies made the movie Montex in Madras in 1981, the culmination of the Karikan Villa incident. Raveendran was the hero.

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Karikkan Villa murder case; Witness Gouri Amma passes away

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