Former Pakistani coach grant flower says Younis Khan stabbed to death in Pakistan



  • Grand Flower with revelation against Younis Khan
  • Younis Khan put the knife on the neck of the Grand Flower who advised batting
  • The Grand Flower said that Ahmad Shahzad was a rebel in Pakistan

New Delhi: Pakistan The former batting coach revealed that he had had many unpleasant experiences while coaching The Grand Flower. Flower was Pakistan’s batting coach from 2014 to 2019. For example, he revealed that there were players in the Pakistan dressing room who had difficulty following his instructions.He has scored the most runs in Test cricket for Pakistan Younis Khan Flower said he was tough Cricket Speaking for the podcast, he said. A Test match was played in Brisbane against Australia that day. At breakfast, I gave Younis Khan some batting tips. However, Eunice inserted a knife around his neck without heeding the advice. Flower recalls that the head coach, Mickey Arthur, was involved in the incident.

Such events are thought to be part of training. He enjoyed training. Much more remains to be seen. I am fortunate to be in the position that has just arrived. Former Zimbabwean player Younis Khan has a better batting record than he has, and the highest scorer for Pakistan.

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Younis Khan was out for no runs in the first innings in Brisbane, scoring 65 in the second innings. Younis, however, managed to score 175 in Sydney. Flower says Ahmed Shahzad is another player who is interested in the Pakistan team. The quarrelsome man wants to stand out in the squad. You see this kind of guy on every team. He pointed out that while some of them excel, some fail. Younis Khan is the current Pakistan batting coach. Grand Flower also coaches Sri Lankan players.

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