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China is ruthlessly imposing birth control measures among them to wipe out minority Uyghur Muslims. The regime, which encourages the majority of the Han population to grow, is tightening its control over Muslims.

The Associated Press news agency’s investigation, based on government documents and interviews with Uighur families, has led to shocking revelations. Uyghur Muslims in western Xinjiang, where the majority of Uyghur Muslims abolish birth control and sterilization, have been planning for four years. Experts point out that China is implementing what is called a systematic genocide.

Uighur women are routinely screened for pregnancy and forced to use artificial contraceptives.

It is also reported that Uyghur Muslims with more children are being held in detention camps and those with three or more children face severe fines. Between 2015 and 2018, Uyghur Muslims’ birth rates fell by as much as 60 percent in some areas, the report said.

China is spending millions of dollars. Adrian Sense, a volunteer working in minority areas in China, called for authorities to stop such brutal acts as quickly as possible.

Content Highlights: China Is Forcibly Sterilizing Muslim Uighur Women: Report

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