For music, victory in “Talsi spears” in the competition of the best spear throwers in Latvia; for men, success for Lithuanian Matusevich


On Saturday, in excellent weather conditions in Talsi, the Talsi municipality municipal prize competition for spear throwing “Talsu spear 2020” took place. This year, too, this competition was international, as guests from Lithuania and the Netherlands also took part.

The first start for women this summer was for Latvian record holder Madara Palameika, as well as Anete Kociņa. However, for Mūsa this was the third start, because two victories have been celebrated in the competition held in Finland before.

Probably, the small experience of the competition was good for the Muse, because the first broadcast flew at a distance of 60.49 meters, which was enough to win. Liveta Jasiunaite from Lithuania had also already “given a hand” to long throws – this time 58.96 meters and the second place.

The performance of Anete Kociņa and Madara Palameika was more modest. The first of the two spears was sent 57.59 meters away and won bronze, while Palameika was fourth with 55.97 meters.

In the men’s competition, without starting the current leaders of Latvia – neither Gatis Čakšs, Krišjānis Suntažs, nor Rolands Štrobinders, the Lithuanian record holder Matuševičs won with 74.93 meters.

The second place was won by Jānis Svens Grīva from Ventspils (73.57 meters), but Matīss Velps from Smilten took the lowest step of the podium – 71.89 meters. He beat the guest from the Netherlands – Lars Timmerman (71.38 meters) by half a meter, who had achieved the result 79.59 meters ten years ago.

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The competition was started by young people (U-16). Already on Tuesday, the best of them will start in Ogre – the traditional match of young athletes (U-16) from the Baltic States.

Sandra Brikmane from Jēkabpils – 45.48 meters – sent the girls the farthest spear. She, like Dinija Līga Paegle (second place – 42.09 meters) will represent the Latvian national team in Ogre. The boys also won the first number of the national team Kristers Krauklis from Smiltene – 51.05 meters.

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