Expert: Motorway lanes should be separated by concrete blocks


Vladimir Todorov PHOTO: Archive

The dividing strip between the lanes of the motorways should not be with a guardrail. This is a significant problem, which continues to cause accidents such as the one on the Trakia highway, in which 5 people died when a truck entered the oncoming traffic.

This was commented to Radio Sofia by the chairman of the Association of Accident Victims Vladimir Todorov.

In Greece and on most highways in Europe, concrete structures are used, type. “Jersey”, invented in 1955 in the United States.

They saved millions of lives and could in this case protect the lane leading to Sofia, the expert explained. Moreover, their service life is between 30 and 50 years, while metal guardrails become unusable after a decade.

“It is inexplicable to me why these new methods of protection are not used in the new sections of the highway,” he added.

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