Ecclestone in attack on Hamilton: Glad to have Formula 1 to win from it


Former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has responded to world champion Lewis Hamilton, who continues to claim that there is racism in motorsport.

The two exchanged remarks from last month, when the 89-year-old tycoon declared blacks more racist than whites, and Hamilton called him “ignorant” and “ignorant”.

“Lewis can start by explaining to people that those who don’t have white skin are also hired by Formula One teams and get the same opportunities as the others,” Ecclestone said.

“He says I am uneducated and I ignore the problem, but I will answer him the following – I am no less educated than you, and if I were not like that, and in other times and in wartime, today Formula 1 would not be is the place where you have the chance to win and accumulate dividends.

And I made money and I was successful before Formula 1. I will also tell him that the next time he wins a race or a title, it will not be because he has black or white skin, but because of his skills and because he was on the right place at the right time. Like all successful people, he was a little lucky and worked hard. But he is a special pilot and a special person. We need to focus on this because it pays too much attention to other topics. Just be who you are – you’re good at something, do it!

We are different – one is short, one is bigger, another is weaker … Some are beautiful, others not so much. But this is the secret – live your life without taking away the opportunity for those different from you to do it.

If he doesn’t know, I’ll tell him one more thing – I withdrew Formula One from South Africa years ago after a white man killed a black journalist for his comments. This is how I understand the fight against racism. Life is not fair to everyone, that’s why it’s right. But I cannot accept blind accusations of who is a racist and who is not. ”

Hamilton, who remains the only black driver in Formula One, has set up his own organization, The Hamilton Commission to Improve Racial Diversity in Formula One, and is an active supporter of the Black Lives Matter protest movement.

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