‘Dutchman top candidate for highest position in Commerzbank’


Published on July 5, 2020 11:59 AM |
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FRANKFURT (AFN) – The Dutchman Roland Boekhout is the top candidate to become the new CEO of Commerzbank, succeeding departing CEO Martin Zielke at the second bank in Germany. Insiders reported this to the Bloomberg news agency.

Boekhout has worked at Commerzbank since the beginning of this year as a manager in the branch for business customers. He previously worked at ING, responsible for the bank’s Dutch and Belgian activities. He had previously been CEO of ING’s German operations.

Commerzbank’s financial director Bettina Orlopp would also hold good cards to be able to fulfill the highest position.

Zielke announced on Friday that he was prepared to step down under pressure from shareholders. President-in-Office Stefan Schmittmann also announced that he will be leaving. In particular, major shareholder Cerberus Capital Management accuses the bank’s management of pursuing a failed policy. The criticism includes costs and profitability. Commerzbank shares lost about a quarter of their value on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange this year.



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  1. jonas wrote down July 5, 2020 2:16 PM:

    Are there examples of successful Dutch companies? No that does not work.

    In my memory Dutch star Swarttouw joined the board of directors of a large German company. After 1 year he was gone. He stated: I became completely sick of that bureaucracy and mercy.

    It works better with the British as long as we remain the real boss. Unfortunately now on sale under slapjanus Rutte. And that half-hearted KLM deal where you always remain the underlying party. Had taken the opportunity to break free from Air France and enter into other alliance.

    You may notice that Rutte is never further than human resources employee in terms of business experience. He just doesn’t know about strategy and occasionally thick planks are cut. So take a crazy Ben van Beurden!

    With Ben I think about TBS and then jail time instead of the other way around, but it is clear that this guy is not wise.

    Greetings, Jonas

    You’re on a roll, it’s been coming out of your ears for two days, but I’d love to read it!

    All that left-wing terror needs to be tackled (lol)

    It is a signal to the proud Germans, they are passed, “Herr Director ist Niederlander”

    Commerzbank does 2% on equity if I am correct, well then something is wrong, or even worse! then there is a lot of creaming somewhere in your own organization.

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