Due to Covid-19, the duel of Osho and Uldriķis teams expected in the Swiss championship has been transferred


On July 7, Xamax met with Zurich, represented by Andris Vankins, and on Saturday, Zurich reported that Covid-19 had been found in six footballers and three club workers.

Xamax said on Sunday that players had tested negative for the last Covid-19 test, but one of the players was still infected on Tuesday.

“This applies to a first-team player who did not play against Zurich and Thun. His identity will not be revealed to the public for his and his family,” the club said in a statement.

On Wednesday, Xamax reported that the public health specialist of the canton of Neuchâtel had advised not to play the game today. The match is temporarily postponed to Thursday.

For both teams, this game is important in the fight for relegation from the Super League.

Meanwhile, Zurich’s first team is currently in self-isolation, so “Zurich” went on the field with the club’s U-21 unit on Tuesday, losing “Basel” to the guests with 0: 4.

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