Despodov, Luis Suarez and three others are options for Werder Bremen


Kirill Despodov

Bulgaria’s No. 1 footballer for 2018, Kiril Despodov, and four others are potential candidates to succeed Milot Rashitsa in the Werder Bundesliga season record. The information is on the German edition

Rashitsa is the most convertible player of pregnant women, and “RB Leipzig” has a serious interest in him. The winger from Kosovo will certainly leave Werder Bremen. The money from him will help the club in the difficult situation due to the coronavirus.

According to, the competition in the Italian elite “Cagliari”, where Despodov returns after transferring to the Austrian “Sturm”, is too high for the 23-year-old Bulgarian. Due to the sports and financial situation, it was not possible to talk about another rental season in Graz. Werder Bremen would be an attractive destination for Despodov because of the Bundesliga.

“The striker moved to Cagliari in January 2019 for 3.5 million euros. After a disappointing spring, he was transferred to Sturm. There he went with 9 goals and 8 assists,” writes about the former ace of CSKA.

Apart from Despodov, the publication sees Colombian Luis Suarez, who is owned by Watford but spent last season on loan at Zaragoza (Spain), Sierra Leone’s winger for Danish Aarhus Mustafa, as options for Rashitsa’s replacement at Werder Bremen. Bundu, the Pole Kamil Ozwiak from “Lech” and the Brazilian Galeno from “Braga” (Por).

When Despodov is transferred to Werder Bremen, the Bulgarians in this team will become three. Assistant coach at Werder Bremen is Iliya Gruev, and his son and namesake is part of the team.

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