Croatia’s ruling party gets 66 seats in parliamentary elections


The Croatian State Electoral Commission has announced that the ruling Croatian “Democratic Union” party, the party of Prime Minister Andrei Blinkovic, leads the country’s parliament elections with 66 seats (out of 151), after processing 97.59 percent of polling stations data.

Belgrade – Sputnik. According to preliminary data from the Governmental Electoral Commission, after processing 97.59 percent of polling stations, the Democratic Union Party won 66 seats.

Sputnik. Sergey Guneev

The former president of Croatia isolates herself

The data indicated that the Social Democratic Party, which is close to President Zoran Milanovic, won 41 seats, and the “National Movement” led by singer and businessman Miroslav Shkuru won 16 seats. The initial turnout rate was 46.71 percent.

The Prime Minister announced, earlier, his party’s victory and promised to start working actively, today, Monday, in the economy, health care, democracy promotion, institutions and support for human rights and minorities.

The Electoral Commission had registered 3.85 million voters who voted in about 7,000 polling stations at home and abroad.

192 political blocs, parties and independent candidates participated in the elections. Sabor (Parliament) is elected for a four-year term, consisting of 151 members.

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