Covid- 19 Vaccine: Can Kovid Death Be Prevented? The vaccine is available, according to the World Health Organization! – will the covid-19 vaccine be released next year


New York: The news of the success of the first phase of the Kovid wax, developed by Oxford University, has brought relief to the world. Kovacosine, developed in India, was tested in the thirties and was discussed all over the country. Other countries are also experimenting with the drug Kovid. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that the use of the Kovid vaccine will not occur this year.Also Read: Controversial Mustache: U.S. Representative in Seoul with a Tiger Tail

Mike Ryan, head of the WHO emergency program, said the first use of the vaccine would have to wait until 2021. “Researchers are making great strides in finding a vaccine that has made great strides in this regard.

Researchers around the world are continuing to test the vaccine. These experiments are in the third stage. Therefore, it is hoped that by 2021 all countries will be able to be vaccinated. Mike Ryan said the experiment has never failed in terms of safety or ability to build immunity.

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The World Health Organization aims to make the vaccine available to all countries. The spread of the virus is rapid. The number of cases has reached record highs in many countries. The goal of the World Health Organization is to stop the spread of the virus. Ryan also said that care should be taken to reopen educational institutions until social expansion is brought under control.

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