Coronavirus in Bulgaria: Tourists can return from Greece through all points – Bulgaria


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Measures against the spread of the coronavirus in July and August will not be further tightened, but will rely on self-restraint on the part of citizens. This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov to journalists while opening the bypass of Pomorie. Asked to comment on the views of members of the operational headquarters that the indoor bars should close, he replied that the tourism sector insists that they work, and that people want to rest.

“I believe that July and August, no matter how nasty this disease is, we will not close now,” the prime minister said.

If I ask the headquarters, they will suggest that we close everything today.

Boyko Borisov,

Prime Minister

“If I ask headquarters, they will offer to close everything today. If we close the bars, what should we do with these charters?” Borisov asked rhetorically and advised: “Everyone can go home today and lock themselves up and sleep there. Why do you want us to ban it with an order? Well, beware, disinfect yourself.”

“No matter how difficult it is, we are strengthening hospitals, giving more money for paths, July and August to pass this disease as much as we can, every day we monitor the cured, we watch, antibodies. Let’s move forward,” the prime minister urged.

“When it was closed, every day you asked when we would open it, why not open it. Now they ask why you don’t close it. It’s a bit like a hat here, without a hat,” he resented.

Borissov also ironized the behavior of Bulgarian citizens who prefer to spend their holidays in Greece, enduring inconveniences when crossing the border. “I am glad that the Bulgarians are so organized – 15 km of queues, declarations, everyone to pay for their PCR. Imagine we put a checkpoint in Burgas.”

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