Contact tracers are currently not doing anything with customer data from the catering industry


Belga / D. Waem

At the request of the National Security Council, cafes and restaurants have been keeping records of their customers since last Saturday, but it does not look as if they will be used soon. “At the moment, these data are not yet requested”, says the Agency for Care and Health in the Interest of Limburg. “That will be for soon: a matter of days or maybe weeks.”

“If someone tests positive for corona today and indicates that he has been at a cafe or restaurant, that person will be asked who he was with at the table,” said Joris Moonens, spokesperson for the Agency. “Contact researchers can then inform those people.”

case Managers

The other customers who were present in the café or restaurant in question at the same time as the infected person are therefore not yet systematically contacted. “The structure of the contact investigation must first be finalized,” says Moonens. “The intention is that the contact investigation will work with so-called case managers in the short term. These people go deeper into an infection. In the first place, that research will focus on parties. For example, a case manager will try to get a list of all attendees at a party and then ask the infected person if there are people on that list that he had lost sight of and had not yet passed on to the contact investigators. ”

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