Choose a Leader Who Can Handle Covid-19


BANJARMASIN, – The Minister of the Interior, Tito Karnavian reminded the public to elect regional heads who could handle the corona or Covid-19 cases.

This was emphasized by Tito during a working visit in South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan) in the context of the coordination meeting of the simultaneous elections of 2020 and Coordination of Handling Covid-19 at Mahligai Building Pancasila, Banjarmasin, Saturday (7/18/2020) night.

“The people use their right to vote, to choose leaders who can handle Covid-19. This is the only moment of the people in determining policy, namely during the election,” said Tito Karnavian, in his remarks.

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Tito also emphasized that democratic parties such as the elections that took place in the middle of the pandemic were an opportunity for the public to see the performance of their leaders before the election.

For this reason, he said, the elections were also not free from the agenda of handling Covid-19.

“Don’t separate the Pilkada from the Covid. Make the Covid agenda to be the main agenda of the Pilkada,” he said.

Tito said, the local government in handling Covid-19 must also be able to control the community to comply with the health protocol.

He said, there are still many people who ignore the health protocol so that the spread of corona is still quite high in some areas.

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“If you can control the community so that they are not infected. Wear a mask, keep a distance, wash your hands. Then the transmission rate will be low,” he said.

Tito advised all contestants to make the elections as a venue for brainstorming in handling Covid-19.

“Local elections in the midst of a pandemic are expected to be a platform for ideas, and contests to deal with Covid and its socio-economic impacts. So that it will give birth to massive movements in all regions to suppress the Covid-19 rate,” he said.

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