Chomutov hunts for names for the regional league. Will it also happen to Duda?


“The coach will be Petr Martínek, at the moment we can reveal four players, which are Petr Jíra, who will also be in charge of sports things around the ace, Angel Krstev, Jiří Gombár, and Kamil Charousek, the offspring of the Polish highest competition, will return to us.” Jiří Sochor, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Pirates of Chomutov.

Time will tell how it will be with other names. But one interesting name was mentioned. “I called Radek Duda, who told me to call in September,” added Petr Jíra, a member of the club management.

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Clear finances in sight, receivables, a carousel in which the future is difficult to build in the first league. “By July 31, we will send to the union to finish in the Chance League, and we will issue a detailed opinion on everything next week,” Daniel Badinka, chairman of the executive committee, told the fans.

Key questions and answers in the Chomutov case: What will happen next with the club and the players? Plus other facts

The closest plan for the players is to follow. The first team will train twice a week from August 12 and should play three to four preparatory matches with opponents from the second league. Subsequently, the goal should be to advance to the second league.

“We want to keep the existing service for fans as much as possible, but everything will depend on what we can afford. However, we want to play on the main surface of the arena. We have a general idea of ​​the budget, but in the coming days we must finalize it and, of course, we will continue to address partners who could hear that the club will not take over the obligations of the joint-stock company. However, even a registered association has liabilities of about seven million, which we would like to repay within two years, “Sochor added.

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