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PaFrom Larry Manikyam to the director of the movie Kappela, Mustafa walked a long way. Mustafa, who loved cinema so much, was delighted to receive the chapel’s success. He is happy that the film, which could have sunk into Kovid, has become so popular. He is talking to about his film experiences.

From Paleri Manikyam to the director of the chapel

I have always wanted to be a director. I am a person who loves cinema so much. From the very beginning of acting in a film, I tried to study everything in detail. Film directing was just one of my desires. Desires drive us forward. Any area in the film was what made me happy. I was basically a photographer. That area was also of interest to me

From drama to cinema

He was active in drama before coming to film. I tried to be active in all areas of the play. We do this when we realize that we can convince people of what we do. Drama has helped my acting career a lot. How to approach a character is the conviction gained through drama. The theater has helped a lot in understanding the totality of a film and how to approach it.

Drama is different from cinema

Drama has helped a lot in film life. But there is a difference between the two media. In terms of acting as well as in other aspects. I became aware of this while participating in the reality show Best Actor. I went to that event with only theatrical experiences in hand.

We perform on a stage and after all the editing it is telecast on TV when it is telecast. When we watch close-up shots on TV, we realize that alas, we needed so much. That reality show has tamed my acting as well.

The sunken chapel at Kovid

I am now happy that the movie that sank in Kovid has risen again. Because whether you are a filmmaker or an audience, you want to experience cinema. It was only five days before its release and was fit to play in theaters. Later, due to Kovid, the screening of the film had to be stopped. Very few people could see the movie in the theater. Those moments were the culmination of despair. Financially and in other respects, the chapel did not arrive that way, as we had hoped. The producer and I would call each other and comfort each other. There is nothing that can be done about it. Then we had good faith in the product in our hands. There was no doubt about it. It was that belief that drove me forward.

Later, with the release of the film on the online platform, the film became very popular. It gives me so much joy right now. Movies have become so popular since they hit the online media. Moreover, negative and positive reviews are received very quickly through this type of release. It’s a different kind of experience, just like a theatrical release. To say that the audience got a chance to see the film in a little more detail. Many people from abroad and at home have seen the film and commented on it, all of which are very pleasing.

Online movie releases will not destroy theaters

We make films for the purpose of cinema theater experience. That’s what the chapel did. Sufi and Sujatha is a movie that has been released directly through the online platform. That, too, reached out to many people and raised positive comments. This is just the beginning. I think there will be these two types of movies from now on. I don’t think the theater sector is going to be anything like that. The theater is helping the film to survive in a big way.

Does not support moral policing

The film is never made in a way that supports moral policing. It was not intended that way. I have to say that if I had felt like that, if I had seen the movie one more time, these comments would have changed.

Arriving at the chapel

The story line of this was told to me by a friend of mine. Many things I have seen and heard in my life have brought me to this film. I have met and talked to a girl who went looking for a friend she met on Facebook. Similarly, the scene that got the attention in this movie was whether Jesse Roy would show the sea. I have personally seen the girls working in the Kozhikode cloth shop from Wayanad looking at the sea with curiosity. Their reply was that there was no sea in our country. There are so many honest things I found in my life like that that are tied together in this movie.

In the title of the chapel

I was thinking of many other names. It was imperative that the name of the film should not come out. This is Jesse’s story, so the one she’s closest to is the little chapel shown in the movie. That’s how the chapel got its name. I do not know what other meanings the viewers got.

Challenges faced

This is a very small subject. It is a story that could have turned into a clichd subject. All that had to be done was to make it a film that people would love. That was the biggest challenge I faced.

The main parts of the film are shot in the vicinity of the Kozhikode Moffusal Stand. It was here for four days of shooting. It took a lot of hard work. The artists were dropped off at the bus stand. There were also a lot of receptions to take. That would have been very risky. After four days of shooting there, it was celebrated like a pack party. Because there was so much relief after that shoot. The shooting was skillfully done in a hurry without any police warmth

There is another scene in the film where Jesse asks Roy if he can show him the sea. It was a scene that gained a lot of popularity. This was also taken with a bit of concern. That is, there was concern about how people in the field would react.


Annaben is a brilliant artist. Anna knew very well how to handle a character and was very comfortable working.

Actor or director

I want to stay active in cinema as an actor and director and I will definitely do it if I get cohesive characters that I can do.

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