Brutal crash for Facebook


312 companies have already withdrawn their ads from online giant Facebook. The campaign to deprive the social network of advertising revenue is due to Facebook’s failed attempts to stop hate speech.

The withdrawal of advertisers led to serious losses in the market value of the company.
The campaign “#DesStooHate for Profit” calls on advertisers to end their relationship with Facebook in July. And the reason – the lack of action by Facebook to control posts.

According to experts, they probably did not expect such a large-scale reaction from Facebook. The upcoming presidential election in the United States also plays a big role.

“The election is in November. For Facebook, this is a time to cash in on profits.

They know how much money there is in such moments. If no action is taken now, this will be continued to put even more pressure on Facebook.

Personally, I expect that things will work out and this will lead to investments, “explained digital marketing expert Georgi Malchev.

But marking all problematic posts is not profitable for Facebook.

“It’s a huge investment of resources for them. For the last two or three years, they have been very wary of any initiatives and responsibilities in which to say – yes, we will do it, because for them it is a huge investment, “added the expert.

And the director of Facebook himself promised – all posts that are in violation will be marked for users, including election ones. The only exceptions are posts calling for violence – they will be removed immediately.

“Several times a year we decide to leave publications that are in violation of the rules, because we believe that the public interest is more important than the risks.

I think it’s important for people to be able to see this content for themselves, “said Mark Zuckerberg.

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