Blast in CSKA: Stoichkov declared war on Stoycho Stoilov and called on Grisha Ganchev to remove him


Hristo Stoichkov, who is said to own 20% of CSKA’s shares, declared open war on Stoycho Stoilov, the team’s manager. Here is what he wrote on his official Instagram account:
I realized that a man was talking about me. I kicked the same individual out of Litex’s locker room many years ago. With that, I closed his door to me. It is a broken dollar that has ruined dozens of careers and footballers and coaches. But his time is running out. His master will not keep him forever. Because of him, many are jumping on CSKA now, but I will tell them that this broken dollar will not bring good to CSKA. He is the reason why CSKA lost the final and that we were not winners of the cup, and that I was far from the “Army”. I do not lead such CSKA players. I see on social media how much this individual “loves” him and hopefully he will be kicked out of our home soon. I have won the right to say things honestly and what is in my heart, and he is an anonymous person with a post. CSKA and its fans will remember him for wanting to beat him in all stadiums and for how many of our talents he lost. And I will tell the former wrestler not to hide behind them, if you have something to tell me, my phone is open. I will end with this, “Army” I will always be loyal to CSKA.

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