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The mayor’s office in the birthplace of Prime Minister Borissov produced a pop song praising the city, performed in the worst traditions of the socialist road. The municipality claims that Coca-Cola HBC paid for the video, but the company denied it.

The reader’s imagination often turns out to be poor in interpreting the messages of government, parties, state institutions, private associations or PR. Dnevnik’s “Overdose” column began by collecting the absurdities of the messages during the 2014 election campaign, but continues with new stories.

Apart from the mass nationalization – Vik Holding, lotteries, gas stations, etc., the management of Boyko Borissov and GERB will go down in history with the resuscitation of the stage. The one of the kitsch type.

After “Our police protect us” – for the successes of the native police, “Smile for you” – on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of Kozloduy NPP, and “Courage” – for the coronavirus, came the song “Song for Bankya”.
The piece of music sang the birthplace of the prime minister ironically – on the birthday of the “image in the mirror” Delyan Peevski.

The work praises the “swing” of the GERB leader in a pathetic style. The video begins with an excited recitation by party MP Evgeni Budinov. Then there are souls, God and clichés like “Pretty you, earth, you enchant my heart.”

Due to the heavy kitsch, the newspaper “Sega” even called for the “resignation of the Bulgarian stage” and suggested that if the festival for the political song “Alen Mak” is restored, it should be called “Bank Magnolia”.

Famous performers and musicians took part in the song: Haygashod Aghasyan, duet “Riton”, Argirovi brothers, soprano Edelina Kaneva, folk singer Poli Paskova, jazz singer Rusana Hristova, pianist Angel Zaberski-son, Nikola Chochev from “The Voice of Bulgaria”. Lyudmila Milanova from Star Academy. The text is by Rumyana Nikolova, producers – Alex Nushev and Petar Alexiev, is listed in the press release for the release of the video in the “Bankya” region.

The song expresses the “local patriotism” of the people in Bankya, Deputy Mayor for Culture of Bankya Municipality Alexandra Alexandrova explained to Dnevnik – she herself sang in the song, “because she has been a pop and jazz singer since she was 3 years old”. Alexandrova expressed wonder “why everything is politicized”.

She explained to a Dnevnik reporter that

all participants in the recording live or will live in Bankya and participated free of charge.

The occasion was the 70th anniversary of the announcement of Bankya as a resort. The initiator of the project was Rumyana Nikolova, a local author of books about the town, who wrote the lyrics and asked Aghasyan to write the music.

Who paid for the song and the video

The mayor’s office did not name the price of the work, but said they had not given a single lev for it – all funds were paid by the Coca Cola HBC Bulgaria company, which has been helping Bankya for health paths and cultural initiatives for years. For comparison, the “nuclear” song cost BGN 30,000.

Dnevnik contacted the soft drink company. From there, they denied giving money. Radoslav Hristov, communications manager, explained that Coca-Cola HBC is partnering with Bankya Municipality on its cultural calendar. However, this video was not part of the partnership. The company provided only mineral water for consumption during the filming.

It remains possible that the song was created with taxpayers’ money, and the mayor’s office hides it.

The video caused a furor of ridicule on social networks and this forced the municipality of Bankya to explain in a press release. We publish it because of its artistic value:

Bankya has long been an inspiration for poets, singers, musicians, artists. This has not changed to this day. The inspiration of many people is now poured into “Song for Bankya”. The music is by the famous Bulgarian composer Haygashod Aghasyan, the text wrote Rumyana Nikolova (author of three poetry books and one for local folklore), and the arrangement is the work of the talented Alex Nushev and Petar Alexiev (ANP Music Production), post-production and mastering – Alex Nushev.

For the song were invited performers related to our city, most of which its current and future residents: the beloved Duet Riton, returned to Bulgaria and loved Bankya Argirovi Brothers, BG Duet – Milcho Sokolov and Kiril Veselinov, providing logistics, sound and advertising of cultural events in Bankya, Lyudmila Manolova – Lucy, participant in “Star Academy” and winner of a TV music competition on bTV, Nikola Chochev – finalist in “The Voice of Bulgaria”, the little man with the big voice Emilian Bardarski, opera prima and music director in dubbing Edelina Kaneva, the favorite of the connoisseurs of folklore Poli Paskova, the jazz singer Rusana Hristova; the actor Evgeni Budinov – n also participates in the song with an exciting recitative and vocals; The masterful improvisations of the piano were born under the fingers of the virtuoso composer and pianist Angel Zaberski, who is also a resident of Bankya – son of Prof. Angel Zaberski and the unforgettable pop prima of the 60s and 70s Margarita Radinska, who sang the first song. for Bankya in 1974

In addition to participating in the performance of the song, the entire recording organization lay on the fragile shoulders of the young Alexandra Alexandrova, Deputy Mayor for Culture. Her talent and youth seemed to give her wings, and she took in her hands the dream of many bankers to have a song for our resort – a song that unites, unites and inspires pride and a sense of community. “Song for Bankya” embraced artists from different musical genres and the strength of this bouquet of bright personalities is in their unity in the name of our city.

As all the numerous talented artists from Bankya failed to be included in the recording of the short work of art, we will be happy for them to be part of the upcoming video. I hope we have managed to give you all the love with which Bankya fills us. We will be sincerely happy if the song touches you. ”

Deputy Mayor Alexandrova also announced that they are yet to shoot “a more advertising video, in which both the singers and other artists related to Bankya will be filmed”. That is, the creative impulse had not yet died down – on the contrary.

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