Arda broke up with another football player


Arda officially parted ways with Krassimir Iliev. He was part of the team that wrote the football history for the city of Kardzhali, entering the elite of Bulgarian football.

Iliev spent two and a half years in the team.

The management of the club thanked Krasi for his stay in Arda and wished him success in his career.

So far, the following players have parted ways with the club: Rumyan Hovsepyan, Conor Randall, Ilias Hasani, Ilisha Sam, Darren Sidoel, Lucas Martins, Zoran Gaic, Darko Glisic, Atanas Krastev, Eray Karaday, Ahmed Osman, Petar Hristov, Berkay Khalil Dimitrov, as well as goalkeepers Nikolay Bankov, Jovan Lucic and Ivan Dermendzhiev.


Arda beat Slavia 4: 1 in Bansko

The match is played in three parts of 30 minutes each

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