Archbishop of Medan and 4 Positive Pastors Covid-19, Starting from the Mass at the 8-page Market all


MEDAN, – The Task Force for the Covid-19 Handling of the City of Medan said that the total number of corona positive people in the Medan Archdiocese (KAM) was 8 people.

At present, it is doing tracing to those who were in close contact with the Archbishop of Medan, Cornelius Sipayung and 4 other priests who tested positive for Covid-19.

The bishop and pastors are thought to have been exposed to Covid-19 from the outside given the number of activities carried out.

Spokesperson of the Medan City Co-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling, Dr. Mardohar Tambunan said, to get information from where they were exposed, they had to be traced backwards.

“There are 8 of them who are positive, namely bishops, 4 priests, then nurses, helpers and one of the garden cleaners,” Mardohar told reporters when met at Covid-19 Command Post Medan, Monday (7/20/2020) afternoon.

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Information obtained from Dr. Maria at Elisabeth Hospital, on June 27, 2020, Father Mikail Manurung was present at mass at the 8 Ringroad Market which was also attended by many sisters from various branches in various regions.

“There, she said, there was a sister who was exposed to Covid-19, but that was a long time ago, after she was treated and then traced her back. That during mass at Market 8, there was one of the sisters from Kabanjahe who was positive, “he said.

One day later, Pastor Mikail Manurung attended a meeting at the Medan Archdiocese, which was then attended by the Archbishop of Medan, Cornelius Sipayung, Parlindungan Purba and others.

Until finally on July 7, 2020, Father Mikail Manurung was admitted to Elisabeth Hospital in Medan because he felt symptoms of cough and fever.

On July 10, Father Mikail Manurung underwent a swab test. On July 13, the results of the swab test came out stating that Father Mikail Manurung was positive of Covid-19.

“What is certain is that according to our opinion based on clinical and incubation period, it seems to be from outside, not from the diocese itself. Only because in one house the contact was very fast, “he said.

Mardohar added, from July 5 to 10, the Archbishop of Medan, Kornelius Sipayung had many activities, starting from mass, meeting with branches, both in Dairi, Binjai and others.

Cornelius entered Elisabeth Hospital on July 13, then was transferred to Martha Friska Hospital a day later.

“His condition is stable. The treatment is still continuing, “said Mardohar.

According to Mardohar, to do tracing, his side coordinated with the Task Force team in the diocese considering the nurses and close contacts were in distant locations.

His side conducted a search, especially in the diocese. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, on Monday morning, the diocese was sprayed with disinfectant.

Archbishop of Medan positively corona

As reported earlier, Spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Medan, RP Benjamin Purba OFMCap conveyed through the KAM Social Komsos YouTube account, Medan Archdiocese’s social communication media that the Archbishop of Medan, Cornelius Sipayung and 4 pastors tested positive for Covid-19 based on the Polymeration Chain Response (PCR) test. .

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The pastor’s place, Father Borta Rumapea, entered the hospital on July 13, his condition was feverish and coughing. Then Pastor Melina Marbun, entered on July 13, Father Ronwaldus entered July 15, coughing and feverish conditions. Father Jodi Turnip entered July 16, feverish and limp. All four were positive for Covid-19 based on PCR tests.

“One more result there has been no results Miss Kristiana, (entered the hospital) July 16. Pastors Petrus Simarmata and Ferdinandus Saragih still live in their rooms and there are no signs yet. Both of them appear to be independent isolation. Sister Imanuella is still independent, “he said.

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