Anthony Joshua: I don’t know what you see in Fury, there’s nothing special


The holder of four of the world titles in the heavyweight boxing category – Anthony Joshua, once again commented on the other big star in this sport – Tyson Fury.

Although Joshua has to fight against the Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev by the end of the year, it is no secret that his great desire is for a British clash against the Gypsy King.

Between intense workouts, the two took a short break in Marbella, even bumping into the streets of the Spanish resort.

This was the occasion for new discussions about their match, and Joshua expressed his bewilderment at what so many people in Fury find.

What do you see in it? A few deceptive movements, bouncing around, does that make it so scary and dangerous?
Apparently, our sport suffers from such a lack of talent that people admire the deceptive movements and pointless jumping in the ring. It seems that this is enough to make you one of the greatest of your generation.

I still can’t figure out what his scary side is and why people consider him invincible.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t underestimate him and I still think of him as a great challenge, but not as talented a boxer.
It took him many years to reach that level. His match with Wladimir Klitschko was his first match against a real opponent. Yes, he won the match, but why did it take him 8 years.
For two years he tried to drink with Diontay Wilder. He has not proved that he can prove himself in another difficult match. Its flashes are once every few years.
Our meeting was quite strange. I was by the pool with my boys, and a large group across the street recognized me and began to sing Fury’s name, obviously annoying me.
At one point it became annoying and I went to tell them that I do not mind liking him, but we are all here to have a good time, let’s enjoy our vacation.
They calmed down, and the next minute I saw Fury himself, it was quite strange, but also fun. I hope to be face to face again soon, but in the ring “, Joshua told SkySports.

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