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The tour of Vitosha ended with an impressive record for the ladies in the race for runners. The winner in the 37th edition is Maria Nikolova, who triumphed for the sixth time in her tenth participation.

Nikolova finished in 9.17: 32, more than 20 minutes faster than her previous peak. She also recorded a fifth time from all participants.

I had distributed my forces precisely, which is very important in such a challenge. During the night there was a thick fog over the dam “Studena” and on Yarema, the route was additionally wet and in some places quite muddy from the heavy rain. I am happy with the record and continue to the next year and the next test, “said the champion.
For men, the race was very interesting up to the 32nd kilometer. Until then, the 2016 champion Ivaylo Atanasov and Kiril Nikolov-Diesel were moving side by side. Diesel got an inflammation from an old injury and gave up.

Atanasov continued without slowing down to triumph in the final with a personal 8.18: 20, just 6 minutes from the track record.

The Tour of Vitosha marked an improved record for the ladies

© Sofia 2018

Second was Stefan Ivanov, who finished 40 minutes after the champion, and Todor Georgiev won bronze.

“The track was further complicated by the downpour, in some places a lot of mud got into my sneakers and that made it difficult to run. It was not enough for the record, but the challenge remains,” said Ivaylo Atanasov, a 32-year-old philosophy teacher.

More than 100 were those who embarked on the super-test “200 km” – to go around Vitosha first by bicycle and then by speeders. Samuil Valchev kept his lead from the first day on the bike and finally won the gold in the duathlon with 16.17: 11 h. (5.08: 56 h. Cycling and 11.08: 15 h. Running).

The cycling race, won by Alexander Alexiev, took place on Saturday.

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