Albon: I thought I could win; Hamilton: It was a racing accident


Alex Albon and Lewis Hamilton during the Austrian Grand Prix; photo: Red Bull Content Pool

Alex Albon and the Red Bull team were outraged by the crash between the pilot and Lewis Hamilton during Austrian Grand Prix. The racer said after the final that he was convinced he could win the first round of the 2020 season in Formula 1 when the blow happened.

“I’m a little nervous right now and I have to be careful what I say. The situation is as it is, but I really thought I could win the race, “said Albon.

“I think, of course, the pace of Mercedes was the best, but we did a great job with the strategy. After stopping in the box, I thought about where we are on the track. I really didn’t know what was going on. In the end, it seemed very likely that we would win. I knew they had hard tires. I was confident in my car, it was behaving great at this stage of the race.

“I think the situation in Brazil was more 50-50. For today, I think I had already stepped forward and focused on Botas. There is always a risk when overtaking on the outside, but I was right on the edge. I thought that if I left as much space as possible, it depended on him whether we would hit or not.

Christian Horner said Lewis had made a mistake in his judgment and “it would be good to apologize for it.” Helmut Marco was even angrier

“Does it matter if Lewis is second or fourth?” He completely ruined our race. There was a similar situation in Brazil last year, and he hit Albon even then. If he is guilty and receives a 5-second penalty, but stays in the points, what is the point of the sanction? ”The Red Bull team adviser asked.

Lewis Hamilton described the incident as a racing accident.

“The situation with Alex was an extremely bad coincidence. I can’t believe we hit again. I definitely thought it was a racing accident, but I accept the penalty and move on. The race was over, it wasn’t a good weekend for me. Yesterday it was all my fault, but it was a little strange to get a sanction today. That encouraged me to go out on the track and drive as much as I could, “said the Englishman.

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