After Corona’s rapid outbreak again in America … Trump: My anger is growing from China


US President Donald Trump again criticized China for the global spread of the Corona pandemic.

“As I watch the Corona virus spread its ugly face all over the world, causing great damage to our country, a huge part of it, getting more and more angry with China,” Trump said in his Twitter account.

Trump added that the United States is fighting a battle to save its heritage, history and greatness.

At a time when the United States is hitting a new wave of emerging Coronavirus infections, causing some states to return to the state of closure again, which threatens the return of the outbreak to what it was previously in the country, China records only a few infections daily.

Since the beginning of the global outbreak of the Corona pandemic in December last year, the US President and his administration have always directed criticism to China, considering that it hid the truth about the virus, which facilitated its spread globally.

The new Corona virus has infected more than 10 million 434,000 people worldwide and has left over half a million deaths.

In the United States alone there are more than two million and 630 thousand cases and more than 127 thousand deaths.

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