Actress Kanaka About Her Marriage | 15 days with husband! He later disappeared and the life of actress Kanaka is discussed again



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Kanaka was once a shining actress in Tamil and Malayalam. Kanaka was the daughter of Tamil actress Devika. Taraputri made her acting debut in the Tamil film Karakattakkaran. She came to the silver screen in 1989 and has acted in more than 50 films in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.

She came to Malayalam through Godfather as Mukesh’s heroine. Later she acted in many notable films like Vasudha, Ezhara Ponnana and Vietnam Colony. Kanaka last acted in the Malayalam film Ee Mazha Then Mazha in 2000. Although she has acted as the heroine of all the leading actors like Mammootty and Mohanlal, she has not been associated with cinema for years.


The actress decided not to act in the film as her mother started interfering in her story unnecessarily. The actress later got married. Kanaka left cinema in 2004 after getting married. But the actress now says that the marriage lasted only fifteen days. The actress opened her mind in an interview given to a Tamil media.

‘The friendship with Muthukumar, a mechanical engineer in California, later fell in love. Married in 2007. But they lived together for only fifteen days. Actress Kanaka later said that she has not seen her husband. At first it was thought that someone in the film industry might have been kidnapped. But her father Devdas was behind the abduction, ”Kanaka said.


Earlier, there were several reports that Kanaka had died. In 2013, a press conference was held to indicate that Kanaka was dead. It came live on the channels. Often such news came in a similar way but none of it turned out to be true. The actress also said that Kanaka was mentally ill and that there were some reports that her father was behind it all.

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