According to Havlíček, the cause of the train crash was probably a human failure


Updates: 15.07.2020 07:39

Český Brod (Kolínsko) – According to the Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček (for YES), the cause of Tuesday’s tragic train collision near Český Brod was probably a human failure. The driver passed the red light, even though it is a very well-secured track. Finding out why. The Minister told Radiožurnál this morning. The driver of the passenger train was the only one who did not survive the accident, according to the firefighters, he remained trapped in the cabin.

“The fact is, and everything leads to the fact that there was a failure of the human factor, most likely the driver passed the traffic light on the red light, even though it is a very well-secured track,” said Havlíček.

According to Havlíček, the system on this line keeps the driver awake, he has to press the vigilance button every ten to 20 seconds. If it turns red, a signal sounds and the train stops, however, it can start, Havlíček added. “There is a lot of speculation as to why this happened and why he probably started (…) Whether he was in a worse state of health at the time,” Havlíček mentioned. According to him, the information can also be on the computer in the back of the train, in front the computer was probably destroyed.

Havlíček told reporters at the scene of the accident at night that, according to the first indications, there was no technical failure. He described the 40-year-old driver as experienced, he was not overworked, he returned from vacation. According to the server, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Czech Railways, Václav Nebeský, said that he was an experienced train driver, he had ten years of experience. “He was rested, all legal deadlines for rest were met,” he added.

Source close to the investigation by iDNES stated that the driver passed Stůj and crashed into a postal train waiting to enter Český Brod. There is a car block on the track, which allows you to pass the Stop sign even in compliance with regulations. However, the driver must stop and continue to drive according to the viewing conditions.

The accident happened on one of the busiest railway sections in the republic. Traffic on the track is stopped, express trains run by diversion through Lysá nad Labem. According to the fire brigade and rescue service, 35 people were injured in the accident, and 23 people, according to the Railway Inspectorate.

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