400-500 clusters of coronavirus in France, the authorities do not fear a second wave


There are now between 400 and 500 clusters of coronavirus in France, but for now health authorities are not afraid of a second wave of the epidemic, AFP reported.

The clusters are in western France, Brittany and Mayenne, which were weakly affected by the first wave of the epidemic. But there are also clusters in the eastern part of the country affected by the first wave.

Nationally, the average reproductive rate is 1.2, which means that an infected person could infect an average of 1.2 people. However, in some more affected areas, such as Brittany, this number reaches 2.6.

At the peak of the epidemic in the country, the reproductive number exceeded 3 and then dropped to 0.5 during isolation.

As of today, the country has been required to wear masks in all indoor public places, such as shops, shopping malls, office buildings, banks and covered markets. The measure is mandatory in public transport from May 11. Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to 135 euros.

In France, the death toll from Covid-19 is over 30,100, making it one of the most affected European countries.

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