29 New Coronavirus cases in Kottayam today | Corona virus in 29 people in Kottayam: 54 people are in contact with the disease and 541 are under treatment !!



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Kottayam: Corona has been confirmed for 29 more people in Kottayam district. All 28 were infected through contact. Nine are from Athirampuzha Grama Panchayat. Three each in Ettumanoor municipality and Kurichi panchayat and two each in Madappally and Ayarkunnam panchayats were affected. In the district, 49 people became ill. 541 people are currently undergoing treatment. So far a total of 1106 people have been affected by the disease. 564 people were cured. Two women PG doctors at Kottayam Medical College Hospital confirmed their illness today.

Mild relief in Ernakulam: Covid for 34, sick for 30 by contact !!

Athirampuzha Mannanam native (54), Athirampuzha Sreekanthamangalam native (50), Athirampuzha native (54), Athirampuzha Sreekanthamangalam native (63), Athirampuzha Sreekanthamangalam native (52), Athirampuzha native (65), Athirampuzha native (48), Athirampuzha native (22) ), A boy from Athirampuzha (8), Ettumanoor Vadakkenada (25), Ettumanoor (70), Ettumanoor (50), Chengalam (26), Chingavanam (28), Kanakkari (59) and Karappuzha (32). ) And a native of Kottayam (60) were also diagnosed with the disease through contact.


Kumarakom native (50), Kurichi native (36), Kurichi native (28), Kurichi native (68), Parathod native (62), Madappally coconut native (53), Madappally coconut native (41), Ayarkunnam native (23), A 21-year-old resident of Ayarkunnam was among those who were diagnosed with the disease through contact. A boy (6) from Kottayam from Karnataka was also diagnosed with the disease.

Seven and nine wards of Thalayazham Grama Panchayath have been included in the list of Containment Zones. Restrictions were lifted in the fourth ward of Kumarakom panchayath. There are 54 Containment Zones in 23 Local Governments in the district

Below is the list. (Local Government Institution by Ward)

Kottayam Municipality-30, 31, 32, 36, 39, 46, Ettumanoor Municipality-27, 33, Changanassery Municipality-24, 31, 33, 37, Vaikom Municipality-13, 21, 25, 24,

Grama Panchayats

Paramthodu-7, 8, 9, 16, Aymanam-14, Udayanapuram-6, 7, 16, Kumarakom-10, 11, TV Puram-12, Vechoor-1, 4, Maravanthuruthu-1, 11, 12, Vazhappally-7 , 11, 12, 17, 20, Payippad-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Thiruvarp-11, Kurichi-20, Meenadam-2, 3, Madappally-18, Pampadi-18, Neendoor-8, Kanakkari-10 , Thrikkodithanam-15, Puthuppally-14, Thalayazham-7,9.

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