15th day of protest – Protesters and the president again demanded the resignation of the cabinet and the chief prosecutor


Today is the 15th day of the protests. The demonstrators are not satisfied with the castling in the government. At 8 pm, President Rumen Radev went down to the protesters again and called for early elections and a new National Assembly. He noted the authorities are deaf, do not hear people and talk about repairing the cabinet

The head of state greeted them. He addressed them with “dear compatriots” and “hello Bulgarians”. Radev stressed that he does not want to use the civic rostrum, but is obliged to do so on the 15th day of the protests, when the squares in major cities and Europe are full of hope thanks to the protesters.

“Thousands of people are protesting. Posters tell you truths that the media kept silent,” the head of state said. The protest for freedom and legality united all generations. The world looked to Bulgaria. The protest did not succumb to provocations. Everyone is waving the tricolor. Bulgarians have never been more determined to win back the country from the mafia, “the president said. He added: “The square gave birth to a brotherhood of honorable people who will not be enslaved to lies and threats.”

According to Radev, European Bulgaria is our future. He stressed that the protest demanded the resignation of the entire government and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev.

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The government is deaf again and does not hear the voice of the people, Radev said, adding that the government relies on the summer season and holidays. He noted that the government did not have the courage to go down to the protesters, with shouts of “Resignation”.

The first and obligatory step is to have fair elections, a new parliament is needed, because the majority is deaf, said Radev, who stressed that there should be a restart of the state. The way for Constitutional reform must be opened, which will guarantee the separation of powers, return the Bulgarians from abroad, as well as the European state.

Radev told the protesters that their task was historic. “I saw a lot of posters that said ‘Together, that’s the key to success,'” the head of state said.

“The stake is Bulgaria. You are writing the history of Bulgaria,” Radev said, wishing the protesters success and intransigence. Then he shouted “Mutri out. Long live Bulgaria”, and the crowd started chanting.

He was then sent to his car on Saborna Street with applause and shouts.

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We remind you that the demonstrators started gathering in the Triangle of Power at 5:00 p.m.

The demands remain the same as the resignation of the government and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev. The proposals for changes in the cabinet are not satisfactory, the protesters are categorical.

According to them, the entire government must resign. The main goal of the protest has not been achieved, and the personnel reshuffles are the spark that will explode the civil discontent, the demonstrators claim. Their demands are also for electronic and remote voting in elections, as well as convening a Grand National Assembly to change the Constitution. The protesters are adamant that they will continue to express their dissatisfaction with the government and hope that they will preserve the civic will for real change in the country. According to them, they have not been heard and what happened today is “Elijah changed into these again.”

Protesters demanded, in addition to the resignation of the cabinet, new elections and a new parliament.

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Shortly after 6:30 pm, protesters blocked Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. in Sofia.

At 7.30 pm, protesters blocked the Power Triangle. They threw seeds and candies at the Council of Ministers. The building is guarded by a thick cordon uniformed.

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There was a protest tonight in front of the BNT building demanding the resignation of General Director Emil Koshlukov.

Key intersections were blocked

The protesters split into nine beams. At 9:30 p.m., they blocked the intersection of Vitosha Blvd. and Patriarch Evtimiy St.

At around 10 pm, some of the protesters blocked the intersection at Bulgaria Blvd. and Cherni Vrah Blvd. Despite the green traffic lights, the cars failed to continue to Evlogi Georgiev Blvd., but had to turn to Cherni Vrah Blvd.

The Eagle Bridge was also blocked.

Protesters marched to the Levski Monument, the Halls, Macedonia Square, the intersection of Rakovski and Dondukov, Fritov Nansen and Bulgaria, and the Lion Bridge.

Processions and demonstrations took place in other major cities of the country.

There is discontent in Varna for the 14th consecutive day. Protesters are adamant that cabinet changes are not enough and early elections must be held.

The protest in the sea capital began with a 15-minute blockade of the crossroads in front of the municipality, after which a procession closed Maria Luisa Blvd. Other streets may be blocked.

Civil discontent in Burgas as well. There are protests there for the 13th consecutive day. The demonstrators gathered in front of the municipal building, from where a procession started towards Aleksandrovska Street. Two main boulevards in the seaside town are blocked. The protest passed without escalating tensions.

Several thousand Plovdiv residents again demanded the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor on the day of the cabinet overhaul. The protest march passed along the “Main” and headed to “Saedinenie” Square. Among the protesters are young people and families with children.

There was a big demonstration in Stara Zagora and Yambol, where a procession passed through the central pedestrian streets of the city and past state institutions. In front of the district administration, the protesters chanted for the resignation of the government, in front of the courtroom – for the resignation of the chief prosecutor, and in front of the military district – for the resignation of the military minister.

Protesters briefly blocked key intersections

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