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In Kollam ∙ district, 133 more people, including health workers, became Kovid positive yesterday. With this, the number of positive people in the district has reached 1317 so far. A total of 119 people were infected with the virus yesterday. 7 came from abroad and 2 from other states. In 4 cases the source is not clear. Kovid confirmed to the doctor at Kottarakkara Taluk Hospital and the young woman seeking treatment. The OPs here are closed.

The nurse at a private hospital in Chittorgarh was among those confirmed. Kovid reported the highest number of headaches yesterday. Here alone more than twenty have been confirmed. Kovid confirmed 13 in Chadayamangalam, 11 in Alappuzha, 8 in Chavara, 7 in Vayakkal, 6 in Velinallur, 5 each in Kulathupuzha, Kadakkal and Chakkuvarakkal and 4 each in Anchal and Thodiyoor.

Ambalamkunnu, Sasthamcotta, Ittiva, Ezhukon, Kotankara, Perur, Vettikkavala, Oomannur, Enath, Odanavattam, Kaduvapara, Karunagapally, Chirakkara, Thachankonam, Thalavoor, Pallikkal, Mayyanad, Vadakkekara, Valavupacha and Valakam are some of the places that have been established yesterday. In addition to the seven foreigners, Kovid also confirmed that they were from Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Residents of Kudavattoor, Velanallur, Parippally and Anchal did not know the source of the disease.

About 80 per cent of the positive cases in the district are in one month

Four months after the first Kovid case was reported in the district, the prevalence rate is on the rise. About 80 per cent of the total cases have been reported in the last one month. The first 100 cases took 71 days to report while the next 100 cases took 14 days.

It took just 7 days to cross 300 cases. The first Kovid case was reported in the district on March 27. By June 6, the number of cases had risen to 109. 221 on June 20. Total cases on June 27. 310. If it had taken 7 days to report every 100 cases till July 13, then 100 cases would have crossed the interval of 2 days. The number of cases in a single day from 22 has also crossed 100.

In the first month from March 27 to April 27, 14 cases were reported. From April 27 to May 27, 32 cases. The number of cases was 264 as on June 27. Out of the total 1315 cases reported, 1005 cases were reported after June 28.

54 Covid liberators

In the district, 54 people were released from the hospital yesterday. This is the first time in the district that so many people are discharged from the hospital in a single day.

∙ Total Kovid victims: 1317
∙ Yesterday only: 133
∙സമ്പർക്കത്തിലൂടെ: 119

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