Which are the most expensive brands for 2020?


And for 2020, Amazon remains the most expensive brand in the world, as Jeff Bezos’ company has managed to increase its value by nearly 1/3 compared to last year, reaching a price of 415.9 billion dollars. This can be seen from the ranking of the most expensive brands BrandZ Top 100, published by the consulting company Kantar.

The BrandZ ranking was commissioned by the WPP ad group and is conducted by Kantar. It examines more than 17,000 brands in over 50 countries around the world.

Kantar’s ranking is among the most respected in this regard, writes CNBC. As a result, it combines the market capitalization of brands with end-user research, affecting a total of more than 3.8 million people worldwide. The majority of consumers were surveyed online over a one-year period, with some of the lower-income groups being surveyed face-to-face. The final ranking is formed on this general basis.

In second place in the ranking is Apple, valued at a total of 352.2 billion dollars, and the top three is closed by Microsoft, whose estimate amounts to 326.5 billion dollars.

This year, Google falls out of the top 3 most expensive companies.

This is largely due to the fact that Microsoft’s software for group chat and video Teams has seen a significant increase in use in addition to the imposed measures to limit coronavirus and the mass transition of many companies to home office mode.

The US multinational financial services company Visa is also among the top five most expensive companies with $ 186.8 billion.

Alibaba ranks sixth on BrandZ’s list. Its valuation is 152.5 billion dollars – 16% more than the previous year, while the valuation of the brand of another Chinese online group – JD.com, increased by 24% to 25.5 billion dollars, according to Kantar.

The new company with the highest ranking for this year is the Chinese video sharing application TikTok. With a valuation of $ 16.9 billion, TikTok ranks 79th, surpassing the price of brands such as KFC, Uber and Adidas.

“TikTok is one of the most exciting and creative brands we’ve seen in the Top 100 for some time and shows the change in the ‘game’ during the pandemic,” said Elspeth Chong, head of BrandZ’s assessments at Kantar.

However, according to him, ByteDance – the company that owns the brand, can still be considered a “dwarf” compared to the competing Instagram application, whose brand is valued at 41.5 billion dollars, not to mention Facebook, which is among the top 10 of the most expensive brands.

According to Kantar, the total value of the 100 most expensive brands on the list reaches 5 trillion. dollars – by 5.9% higher than last year. The authors of the study add that before the pandemic, the value of brands in the Top 100 was expected to increase by another 9%, but all measures taken prevented this.

Here are the brands in the Top 10 most expensive brands and how much they cost:

1. Amazon – $ 415,855,000,000;

2. Apple – $ 352,206,000,000;

3. Microsoft – $ 326,544,000,000;

4. Google – $ 323,601,000,000;

5. Visa – $ 186,809,000,000;

6. Alibaba – $ 152,525,000,000;

7. Tencent – $ 150,978,000,000;

8. Facebook – $ 147,190,000,000;

9. McDonald’s – $ 129,321,000,000;

10. MasterCard – $ 108,129,000,000.

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