VRT cost the Fleming a little more than 40 euros in 2019


The VRT cost the Fleming 40.6 euros in 2019. This is evident from the annual report of the public broadcaster, which was presented on Thursday in the Media Committee of the Flemish Parliament.

The VRT can look back on a positive financial result for 2019. The public broadcaster closed the year with a surplus of 3.9 million euros, 0.1 million euros better than previously budgeted. In 2018, there was still a deficit of 3.2 million, although the management agreement with the Flemish government states that the VRT can go negative for the same year and there were both elections and the Football World Cup in 2018.

In total, the VRT received 447.6 million euros in income last year. If the capital gain on the sale of the land and buildings on the Reyers site (+1.5 million) and the contribution to the pension fund for the contractual personnel of the VRT (-6.1 million) were not included, the VRT would have 452 , 2 million income.


Almost 274 million, or 60.5 percent, came from government funds. Each Fleming therefore contributed a little more than 40 euros to public broadcasting, a small decrease compared to the 41.2 euros from 2018. Moreover, the cost price of the VRT is very low anyway compared to other European public broadcasters: the average is more than 60 euros.

The VRT also incurred costs in 2019. These rose to EUR 447.4 million, of which nearly 88 percent – EUR 374.1 million – was for program output.

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