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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Director Shankaran Nair has taken school child Usharani to act in Kunchacko’s Jail. When Usha became Baby Boomer Usha, Shankara spoke to Nair.

The 51-year-old actor laughed when he asked 19-year-old, “Uncle I want to marry you …” Usha Rani was not born when Sankaran Nair was directing the first film … she was unmarried. The demand for ‘I Am Serious, I Really Want to Marry You’ was strong. Ushanrani became the life-long companion of Sankaran Nair in the end. In the movie world, it was a hot topic

Usha Rani’s life is as dramatic as the film itself. The father had already been away with his mother. It was Shankara Nair who stayed with his mother when his mother died. Thus, in the midst of a movie shoot, Usharani reportedly fell in love with Shankarran Nair’s car. Until the death of Sankaran Nair in 2005, she was a model couple.
Usharani acted alongside superstars in South India. She also acted as the heroine and sister of NTR, MGR, Rajkumar, Shivaji Ganesan, Kamal Haasan and Prem Nazir. The first heroine was Kamal Haasan. She also acted in many films with Jayalalithaa. She would proudly say she had acted with three chief ministers.
She stayed out of the film after her husband’s death, but stood up to help her suffering colleagues. It was Usha who helped the Malayalam actress Sadhana’s plight in the world. The actors were also made available to many. She also revealed that Mohanlal helped her son study. They had a great friendship with the old and new generation of celebrities.

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