Unexpected joy in pop folk! Sophie shines, that’s what happiness is …


An attempt to sweetly strangle Sophie Marinova, Preslava-Paola’s daughter joked, hotarena.net writes. The singer celebrated her 36th birthday with a spectacular party, gathering her closest friends and colleagues from folk, HotArena has learned.

The party was held in a restaurant in Sunny Beach, and Preslava chose the party to be during the day so that her daughter could also participate. It was she who became the star of the holiday, but sent her mother’s hair when she tried to extinguish the candles on the cake with her hands.

Preslava’s attempts to teach her how to put out candles hit a rock, and shortly after that she had to save Sophie Marinova. The little girl snatched the pearl decoration from the cake and tried to put it on Sophie Marinova’s neck.

The singer tried to catch her and published the whole incident on social networks after that, Bulgaria Today writes.

Sophie shone with an extravagant look when she arrived wearing a black see-through tunic and leopard headbands. Azis and Bonnie also did not fail to congratulate the birthday girl, and even the warring genre of pop music was greeted. Maria Ilieva also honored the party and greeted her colleague on social media.

Preslava herself shone on the holiday in a red dress, and her sister Ivelina shone in a pale pink dress.

However, Presi did not stop there, but celebrated his birthday and participation later in the evening. She blew up a famous nightclub with her songs, without even changing her dress from the party, vigilant fans noted. But he shocked everyone with his new hit and sang to the fans until dawn.

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