UAE Covid 19: More concessions in UAE; Shrines open tomorrow; Things to know – covid 19 safety measures with 1st july on reopen in the worship of pandemic places


Abu Dhabi: UAE offers more relaxation on restrictions imposed following Kovid-19 proliferation The concessions will come into effect from July 1. Shrines that have been closed for months will reopen on Wednesday. The concessions will be implemented with stringent restrictions. Preparations, including disinfection, are underway. Not all churches in the country are open. The UAE administration has issued guidance regarding the opening of places of worship. I know the details.

There will be no Friday prayers

Shrines, including churches, will reopen from July 1. Health safety precautions are being taken ahead of that. Admission of people to the places of worship with strict restrictions. Only allow access to 30 percent of the content. People can come to pray every day. But there will be no Friday Jumuah.

Preparations thus

On 16 March, worship services closed in the UAE. The closure on April 9 was extended. The sterilization process is nearing completion. Not all churches in the country are open. The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority has said that mosques in industrial areas, labor cities, shopping malls and parks will not be opened. The imams and staff of the mosques have already been inspected, the health department said.

They have no access

Only 30 per cent of what the mosque can accommodate is allowed. Kovid-19 victims and those who come in contact with patients are not allowed to enter the shrines. Older persons, under 12 years of age and any sick person will not be admitted.

Terms to follow

When opening mosques, people will be admitted with strict rules. Those attending mosques must download the Al Hosn app on their mobile phones. Inside the mosque, people must be at least three meters apart. Do not stand still. They must come from homes. Prayer mat (Musallah) should be brought by everyone and taken back after prayer. Do not use the Quran in mosques. The Quran can only be read with one’s own phone or other equipment. If a mosquito-borne infection is reported in any church, it will be immediately closed.

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