Two T20 world cups suggest Chopra | Chopra’s suggestion to replace India with captain in two T20 World Cups



Chopra said India are fortunate to have two great captains – Kohli and Rohit. In 2017, Kohli was named captain of MS Dhoni in all three formats. However, India have not won any significant tournament wins under Kohli.

Kohli led India to the final in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, losing to Pakistan. India lost the semi-finals of the ICC ODI World Cup last year. “If India wants a change in the captaincy, the best captain is Rohit,” Chopra said.


Now, let’s see how Kohli’s performance in the two T20 World Cups will be under Kohli. “If we don’t win the tournament, then we can think of Rohit as captain,” Chopra said.

Kohli can lead the team well if he has good bowlers. He is proving this in the Test. Kohli knows how to use bowlers. But if there are no better bowlers, Kohli is overpowered. The performance with the RCB in the IPL proves this. Chopra also said that he is not as aggressive in the Indian team as he is in the RCB.


Let Kohli lead India for the next 10-12 months. Then India can consider a change if needed. India has not won an ICC tournament since 2013. Chopra also said that the government should try this now.

Apart from this year’s T20 World Cup, a T20 World Cup is also being held in India next year. India should win one of these. “If that fails, we can look for a change of leadership and bring Rohit to the captaincy,” he said.


Chopra said he did not think Rohit would be the captain of the Indian team in the future, which would affect Kohli’s batting. Kohli has now reached another level as a batsman. I don’t think he’ll be down anymore. Whether or not it’s captain, it doesn’t affect Collie’s performance.

As a team, we sometimes need a different direction. By that stage, the ready-made captain, Rohit, is ready. Until then, Collie has to keep up with it. Chopra added that he is improving as captain.