This territory is our national cause


Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has warned Greece’s neighbors that Cyprus is Turkey’s “national cause”, the Hurriyet Daily News reported.

The warning came amid a threat from Athens that Greece was ready for war with Turkey to defend its sovereignty. Territorial disputes between the two neighboring countries have intensified in recent years. Turkish ships are drilling in the Mediterranean, which Athens says is a violation of international rules.

The Cyprus issue has remained unresolved for decades, despite UN efforts to find a diplomatic solution. Drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean has further aggravated the situation. Cyprus has been divided since 1974 into the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The territories are divided by the so-called “green Line”.

However, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said Turkey wants to resolve all issues related to the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean and Cyprus, in compliance with international law. The defense minister called on Athens, saying “let’s solve all problems within the framework of good neighborly relations based on mutual respect”. Akar pointed out that peaceful means should be used. Just a few days ago, the Greek military minister said his country was ready for war against neighboring Turkey, a NATO ally, if Turkish forces showed armed aggression. “We are ready to defend our national interests and territorial integrity in every way possible,” Nikos Panayotopoulos said.


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