They created the most powerful quantum computer


The American corporation Honeywell, a developer of electronic control and automation systems, announced that it has created the most productive quantum computer in the world, reports.

Honeywell’s quantum computer
Photo: Honeywell

In contrast to the widely accepted “number of qubits” indicator in the early stages of quantum computer development, Honeywell spoke of “quantum volume.” This parameter characterizes the performance of the computer instead of its thinness, as in conventional computing systems.

The fact is that the operation of the quantum computer can be adversely affected by many factors. In particular, these are the frequency of calculation errors and the degree of connectivity of the qubit, which expresses the relationship between the capabilities of quantum equipment and the ability of the system to distribute loads.

Honeywell’s quantum computer
Photo: Honeywell

Sometimes the workloads can be distributed only between two adjacent qubits, while in other cases they can be distributed between qubits located far apart in the system, without loss of data coherence and influence of error rate.

In any case, the “quantum volume” of the new computer developed by Honeywell is 64, which is twice as much as the previous record system on this indicator, created by IBM.

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