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Graphic designer Milton Glaser, who recreated his love for his hometown with the world-famous “I love New York” logo, died on Friday at the age of 91, world news agencies reported.

Glaser suffered a stroke, according to his wife Shirley Glaser to the New York Times.The designer is also the author of the 1967 psychedelic poster depicting the silhouette of Bob Dylan with multicolored hair.

In 1977, as part of a campaign to promote tourism and change the image of New York, marked at the time by crime, Glaser created a clean, four-character logo “I love New York.” Between the letters I (I) and NY (New York – abbr.) Is depicted a red heart, which replaces the word “love”. This sign is becoming part of American pop culture and a recognizable symbol of the metropolis.

In posters, advertisements, logos and book covers, Glaser recreates the spirit of the 60’s with simple shapes and colors.The designer was one of the founders of New York magazine in the late 1960s with journalist Clay Felker.

When Rupert Murdoch acquired the magazine in 1977, the founders left and the entire editorial board left with them, leaving the magazine unfinished three days before printing.

Glaser’s works are part of private collections. However, he himself does not like to define his works of art.

“I suggest we eliminate the term ‘art’ and call it all work,” Glaser said in an interview with the Associated Press in 2000 on the occasion of an exhibition of his work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“When something is really unusual and exciting in a certain way, we can call it a ‘great’ job. And we can call a job ‘good’ when it has done its job and ‘bad’ when it has not done it.”

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