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Govt to buy more arms from India 500 crore for emergency transactions. The defense minister has instructed the commanders to be prepared to counteract China’s provocations. The army was then given permission to buy weapons for emergency purposes.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh met three army chiefs and joint chiefs as he was on his way to Moscow to attend the 75th anniversary of World War II. Subsequent defensive moves in East Ladakh were discussed. He ordered all three armies to be equipped and to monitor China’s moves diligently.

Do not wait for the decisions of the political leadership if provoked. The military has been given complete freedom to make moves according to the circumstances. The army was authorized for arms transactions up to Rs 500 crore. Former Army chief and Union minister VK Shah has said more than 40 Chinese soldiers have been killed. According to Singh.

For the first time, a person from the central government reacts to the devastation caused by China. India releases Chinese troops Says Singh. India withdrew from the 1996 Indo-China Accord on non-firing at the border. In the event of provocation, the army allowed the commanders to use any weapon they possess, including machine guns.

India has deployed 45,000 troops in eastern Ladakh. India’s decision is to continue with military action until China withdraws its claims in the Galvan Valley. US President Donald Trump has said that the border dispute is getting under way and is talking to both sides. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed the Chinese military for the conflict in eastern Ladakh.

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After violent face-off in China, armed forces granted financial power; can buy any weapon up to Rs 500 crore

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