The Lebanese president chairs the government session to discuss the dollar crisis


The Lebanese Council of Ministers held a special session at the Republican Palace in Baabda, headed by President Michel Aoun, in the presence of Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

AP Photo / Hussein Malla

The dollar crossed the threshold of 8,000 Lebanese pounds on the black market

I mentioned that National Agency For the media, noting that the council discussed the financial and economic conditions in the country, the security situation, especially in the south, and general mobilization.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that “some people are trying to disrupt the airport’s opening plan tomorrow and are promoting false news that the country has set a certain amount that is allowed to enter the dollar into Lebanon with arrivals.”

He added: “Travelers are allowed to enter dollars as much as they want, and no one will prevent them. Rather, we invite the Lebanese expatriates who will come to Lebanon to carry dollars with them to help their families and society, and not to believe the rumors issued by some black trumpets.”

He continued: “Other countries whose national currency was subjected to pressures against the US dollar. People have defied those pressures, sold dollars to protect their national currency, and confirm their national commitment in isolation from political differences.”

The US dollar crossed the threshold of 8,000 Lebanese Liras today, Tuesday, June 30, in the black market, amid security and government measures to control the black exchange market.

The price of the dollar ranged between 8000 and 8,200 pounds with the illegal money changers, amid expectations that it will reach 10 thousand early next week, according to what was quoted by the Lebanese newspaper “An-Nahar”.

The Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, had said several days ago that Lebanon was going through the worst financial and economic crisis, pointing out that the collapse does not exclude anyone, adding: “Our country today is going through the worst financial and economic crisis, and our people live daily suffering for fear of reaping their ages, and anxiety for the future.” , And despair at losing their jobs and a decent living. “

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