The danger is here: again with masks inside + strong control (Overview)


By Friday, the minister and staff are deciding whether to extend the state of emergency

The Prosecutor General requested an explanation of how compliance with the measures is monitored

The emergency situation should be extended for another 15 days – until July 15, if the number of newly infected continues to remain at about 100 per day and the main measures – discipline, disinfection and distance, are not observed.

The idea is being discussed by Health Minister Kiril Ananiev and members of the National Operational Headquarters, with a final decision on whether to propose it to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov by the end of the week. This was announced by Ananiev at an extraordinary briefing at the Ministry of Health.

As of today, wearing masks is again mandatory in all indoor places – as
in pharmacies,
hospitals and
transport, so
and in malls,
theaters, cinemas,
operas and on
all events

In restaurants and drinking establishments, wearing masks or helmets is mandatory only for staff. Indoor events can be held at 50% occupancy of the halls, and football matches will be allowed up to 1,000 people per sector.

The reason for the return of this measure is the increased number of people infected with COVID-19 since the last week.
“We are doing all this only in order to preserve the health and lives of Bulgarian citizens,” the minister added.

The Prime Minister Borissov, the Minister of Health and the head of NIGHT Gen. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski later asked the prosecutor’s office to explain whether the measures introduced so far are effective enough, who monitors whether they are observed and whether there is a need for new ones.
Ivan Geshev himself
because of
the drastic
of cases
with COVID-19
in the last two weeks.

As the largest city, Sofia remains one of the most severely affected by the epidemic in Bulgaria with the most infected. In the two weekends alone, the number of people admitted to Sofia hospitals is 34 more.

Of the 92 in hospital on Friday, 7 of whom were in the intensive care unit, 126 were hospitalized on Monday, of which 23 – in the intensive care unit, explained Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakov, who was also at the briefing.

The data on those infected with COVID-19 in Sofia show steady growth and this necessitated the return of the masks, as well as greater control.

From today
the teams of
police who
check for
in public transport, Fandakova warned. Last week, more than 700 vehicles were inspected, 16 acts worth BGN 300 and dozens of warning protocols were drawn up.

According to the mayor of Sofia, the fine for not wearing a mask should be reduced. This would make the enforcement more widespread and uncompromising, because inspectors now issued more frequent warning protocols, which did not discipline violators.

Fandakova also asked the police to join the control in the capital. The aim is to make sure that not many people gather in parks and gardens.

The places for selling tickets for public transport in Sofia will increase by another 200 points. Until that happens, controllers will perform this service because it is still forbidden to drivers.

Kindergartens and nurseries have started testing 1,000 staff members.
Last week, 36 people were tested – all negative.

“We have a real increase in cases. Fortunately, it is not for those in need of intensive care, but it is disturbing enough as a number. The big question is what is this – a Bulgarian phenomenon, something that is happening in other countries, something that is due to changes in the virus or changes in our behavior, “said Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev.

According to him, this is not a second wave of the virus, but an increase in cases, because many people “accepted that it was all over.” Before FOCUS, however, Dr. Mihail Okoliyski, WHO representative for Bulgaria, called it the second peak.

So far we have talked about the three Ds – discipline, distance and disinfection. Now we add and
one K –
turned out not to
we can
we rely on
of people”,
Kunchev added and explained that the situation is similar almost everywhere in the Balkans. In first place in terms of morbidity is Northern Macedonia with 45.6 per 100,000 population. In second place is Albania with 12.9, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina with 11.9 and Turkey with 10.7. The fifth and sixth places are occupied by Bulgaria with 8.3 and Serbia with 7.9 per 100,000 people.

The spread in our country is still clustered, but the outbreaks themselves are no longer so well defined, Kunchev explained and warned that any gathering of many people indoors without masks and without distance poses a serious risk of growing morbidity.

“The Ministry of Health continues to hold the opinion that anyone who needs hospital treatment
must be
accepted, without
from him
PCR test

When it is noticed that a person has symptoms suspicious of coronavirus, then a test is done by the medical institution and it is paid by the fund “, repeated Kiril Ananiev on the request of the medical union ministry or NHIF to pay for PCR tests to each patient before scheduled admission. .

However, the professional organization is adamant that testing is the only way to prevent hospitals from becoming foci of infection and to preserve the lives and health of medics.

Haskovo under quarantine headed by the mayor because he hugged Dimitrov

For the audience of the tournament and the people who took selfies with Grisho, the risk was small

Mass quarantine of people led by Mayor Stanislav Dechev and local journalists was ordered by the regional operational headquarters for Haskovo. On Monday, experts gathered as a matter of urgency after tennis star Grigor Dimitrov announced he was infected with COVID-19.

All first-line contacts of people who met tennis player Grigor Dimitrov during his visit to Haskovo will be quarantined, announced the regional governor Dr. Stefka Zdravkova, quoted by BTA.

The leading criteria in imposing measures will be non-compliance with a distance of 1.5 m and longer as a time of face-to-face communication with the tennis player. Among the people is the mayor of Haskovo Stanislav Dechev, with whom Grigor Dimitrov has a conversation, and journalists interviewed. Mayor Dechev will be quarantined, although he is in good health.

However, the risk was lower for the people who were in the stands of Dimitrov’s demonstration match and those who took selfies with the star, the regional operational headquarters explained.

“Grisho is the 38th case of COVID-19 in Haskovo. There is no reason to do anything different as measures from what we have done for the other 37 cases in the city. Due to his popularity, he had two meetings with fans and citizens of the city, but they do not bother me, because there were more photos in 1 minute. I am more worried about his close contacts with the media and the mayor. All of them are under quarantine and will be examined “, commented the case and the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev.

He explained that in each case of a coronavirus, an epidemiologist from the local RHI identifies the contact people to be tested and quarantined. However, there was no need for mass testing of Haskovo. Only the symptoms will be checked, explained the head of the RHI in Haskovo, Dr. Sonya Dimitrova.

The quarantine would not be lifted if any of those placed in isolation were tested at will and gave a negative result.
A complete disinfection of all premises of the tennis complex “Kenana”, where Dimitrov trains on June 16, has started. A drinking establishment on the territory of the sports facility was also closed. (24 hours)

A mayor with COVID-19 went dancing and working all week sick

78-year-old is the first victim of the outbreak in Dospat, the infection is growing in the gypsy neighborhood of Kyustendil

A municipal employee in Gorna Oryahovitsa went to work for a whole week, although he had symptoms of coronavirus. He also worked with the folk ensemble, of which he is the leader.

Only on Monday, however, did the municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa close after the 46-year-old Obredi accountant tested positive for COVID-19. The man was admitted to hospital, but is currently in good condition.

“He had symptoms all last week. He attended operatives and meetings with many people “, said the mayor of Gorna Oryahovitsa eng. Dobromir Dobrev. The sick mayor is also the leader of a folklore ensemble in the city, he has been in contact with dozens.

After the discovery of the sick mayor

are canceled

reception days

of the mayor

of Gorna Oryahovitsa and his deputies until June 28, access to the municipal building is restricted until it is disinfected.

Two new cases were opened in Sungurlare on Monday, after the infection was found on June 20 in three municipal employees. However, the new patients are relatives of the municipalities and are not among the 50 employees tested.

In the Roma neighborhood “East” in Kyustendil were found 10 more infected with coronavirus and their total number of the last 10 days is over 60. Of the new samples is positive and a 2-year-old child. 11 are accommodated in the specialized ward for patients with COVID-19 at the hospital in Kyustendil.

Two are with c

extremely difficult


reported by the medical institution.

These are a 61-year-old man from the village of Bogoslov and a 57-year-old woman from the Iztok district. The woman was one of the first to be hospitalized last week.

A 78-year-old man became the first victim of the outbreak in Dospat. He was treated at the city hospital, had concomitant heart disease, said Dr. Mimi Kubateva, director of RHI – Smolyan.

The man was admitted a week ago with his wife to the health facility. The two had no connection with the positive over 100 cases in the two companies in the city.

Meanwhile, 43 of those infected in Dospat have already had their quarantine lifted as their 14-day period has expired. Another 260 contacts, but not with positive tests, also had their quarantine expired.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the Smolyan region, there have been 180 cases of coronavirus positives. Five people have died. 82 have been cured and the active cases are 93. In terms of the number of infected, it is on the 7th place in the country, but in terms of the number of infected in relation to the total population, the region is on the 2nd place. (24 hours)

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