That’s just exaggeration; India dismisses China; Conflict is not relaxed India-China border dispute


Major Generals of India and China held talks to reduce conflict situation at the New Delhi border. There is no indication that the withdrawal of troops will be imminent. India rejected China’s claims in the Galvan Valley India claims that the claim is just exaggeration. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has met Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The body of the brave warriors, who had been martyred, was sent to their homeland. The country will issue a statement today to the Javanese. The health condition of four soldiers seriously injured in the conflict is improving. Anti-China protests are burning in various parts of the country, including in Delhi, Gujarat and UP.

Public sector telecom service providers BSNL and MTNL are contemplating canceling the use of Chinese companies’ equipment.

The situation is complicated by China’s claims in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh. According to the Foreign Ministry, the conflict is due to a planned move on the part of China. Yesterday, India and China’s major generals held talks for more than three hours but could not be reached.

At the military level, talks are continuing. A White House spokesman has responded that US President Donald Trump is not trying to intervene in the dispute.

English Summary: India-China Border Dispute – Updates

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