‘Thank you for making that journey to be king, to travel like a king.’ meghna raj


Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja has left to grieve over fans, loved ones and filmmakers alike. Dear Siru was hauled to death by Meghna Raj before she was living together. After ten years of dating

The star’s unexpected departure comes amid the excitement of the new guest coming to life in 2018. Now Meghna expresses her gratitude and thanks to those who have stood by her during this difficult time. Tara Chiru’s fans, filmmakers and lovers thanked him for his heartfelt note on Instagram.

Meghna’s note

The past few days have been the most painful moments of my life. Thank you to my family, friends, and friends who have supported me and supported me in the film industry, and to all those who have given me a measure of hope to hold on to, when my best world has been dispersed, as I plunge into the grief of grief.

I don’t think a birth would be enough to share my obligation to you … You cried with me. She shared my grief. I knew my pain. You missed the chirpu just as much as I did. I will forever be indebted for this unconditional love and respect for you.

Thousands of fans who came to see Chiru on his journey and the film industry who accompanied us during this difficult time were proof of what Chiru was to you. Thank you for making him ride like a king. But Chiru believed that he was living like a king, ā€¯Meghna said.

Content Highlights: Fans and well wishers of Meghna Raj heartfelt note of Chiranjeevi sarja

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