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The Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate warns against spam messages that are sent on behalf of the service. The phishing email looks like a warning about an investigation. The attachment contains an Excel file with malware.

The e-mail is sent on behalf of the SZW to what appears to be a large group of recipients, and is written in relatively good Dutch. The subject of the message is ‘Second notification – investigation has started’. The email purports to come from the inspection service and states that an investigation is being conducted into ‘the recipient’s company’.

The investigation would focus on ‘a violation of labor law during a crisis period’. The user can supposedly see the complainant’s exact complaint and contact details when opening the attachment. The attachment of the mail contains an Excel file that asks to enable macros. Whoever does that will get malware on their PC.

It is not certain what kind of malware it is. According to VirusTotal it is a trojan that downloads other types of malware from the Internet.

It is not clear how many people received the email. The Inspectorate SZW warns recipients don’t open it.

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