Suresh Gopi: ‘Aromal with Chandu’; Suresh Gopi shares memories of a northern hero


A Vadakkan Veeran Gatha is an important film in the life of actor Mammootty and the history of Malayalam cinema. MT and Hariharan are presenting Chetan Chandu in a new perspective. With this he became the hero of the northern songs. Mammootty’s impossible feat still stands as a benchmark for historical films. Suresh Gopi has now shared a picture from the location of the film. Suresh Gopi played a pivotal role in the Northern hero story.

Suresh Gopi with his memory

Suresh Gopi also acted as the Aromal Chekavar in the Northern hero. He shared the picture taken during the filming of the film. Suresh Gopi shared the picture via Instagram.

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Chandu and Aromal

The film also stars Mammootty, Hariharan and other crew members. Suresh Gopi is in the getup of Aromal Chekavar. Meanwhile, Mammootty is also in the form of Chandu. The film is aimed at cinema lovers.

A movie that became history

Mammootty won the National Award for Best Actor for his portrayal in the film. MT also won the award for Best Screenplay. Suresh Gopi is a very different film. He later became an action hero and a superstar is history.

Suresh Gopi took to Instagram

Suresh Gopi is also active on Facebook and Twitter followed by Instagram. The actor took to Instagram last day. The star first posted a picture of Bharatchandran in the commissioner. Only four posts have been made. She has already gained more than eleven thousand followers.

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